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Cannobio is the first village that the northern European tourist meets coming from San Bernardino and San Gottardo. Being a border zone for Lombardia, Piemonte and Canton Ticino, it has influenced the history, but it has created also the best conditions to become the coast centre, the most visited by International tourism.

The beauty comes from the five seventeenth century buildings along the promenade and the streets, which go as far as the main road.

Cannobio is an old village which bound up its past with the country world of the back valley and offers many evidences. In fact the village has been able to keep the architectural peculiarity, as well as the natural one of the lake and mountain.

You can note the beauties of Cannobio walking along paved alleys to admire the Palazzo della Ragione, XII century; and La Torre del Comune; La Casa dei Pironi, XV century, Il Santuario on the lake, XVI century; and "La Colleggiata di San Vittore", XVIII century. Outside town, other sights wait for the tourist.

Near Traffiume, a natural beauty: L'Orrido di Sant'Anna is a foaming waterfall, falling on the rocks of the torrent Cannobino. Beside, the little church of Sant'Anna, 1665. A walk leads to an isolate village called Carmine.

On a piece of overhanging rock, with a panoramic view on the lake, there is the little church of San Gottardo, typical medieval building. Its erection lasted almost one century, from 1334 to 1431.

Who loves aquatic sports, can find in Cannobio facilities. Above all, it has become the destination for players of windsurf and sailing sports, thanks to the presence of the wind.

Among the different recurrent manifestations, there is the particular and suggestive Festa dei Lumineri on 5th and 6th of January, to commemorate the miracle "della Pietà". The Sunday market takes place every year along the promenade.





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